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AVON - ISI Equipment

For more information and pricing on all our AVON - ISI Equipment call (251) 937-2829, 800-453-2025 or fill out our Online Request Information Form.



A five-light display is built into the nosepiece inside the facemask. These lights - two green, two yellow and one red - give you a continuous, accurate readout of cylinder pressure, end-of-service alarm, radio status, battery status, and PASS pre-alarm.

AVON-ISI -SAR / Airlines:


The ISI ARAP-C is designed to provide breathing air where ambient air may be irritating as in high dust, agricultural or mining applications. It can be attached to an air source with up to 300 feet of hose in order to enter into confined space areas.



Extend the life of your Magnum by upgrading to the AirSwitch regulator and facemask.


Integrated facemask and regulator means you're always ready, no docking required


Facemask and regulator completely submersible for quick and easy sanitizing


Switch quickly & easily from cylinder air to fresh air


100% optically correct visor in 3 faceseal sizes


Permanent anti-fog/anti-scratch coating

AVON-ISI - Rescuer RIT bag:


ISI offers the Rescuer RIT bag for use by rapid intervention teams that allows fire fighters to offer air to trapped or downed firefighters. You have a choice between three rescue systems, either the RIC, RIT or both types of fittings.

AVON-ISI - The Viking Z SEVEN:


The Viking Z SEVEN is AVON-ISI’s latest advancement in SCBAs, certified to NIOSH, CBRN, and NFPA 1981, 1982: 2007 editions.

AVON-ISI -Thermal Imagers:


In 1997 ISI introduced the VISION line of thermal imaging cameras to the fire service. In 1998, ISI introduced the VISION 3, the first thermal imaging camera to utilize the BST thermal sensor by L3 Communications*. The ISI Surveyor thermal imager is ISI's current imager in the BST line of cameras. .


AVON-ISI - AS1 Single:


The AS1 Single–- an ideal air supply when portability and versatility are concerns. Some of the applications where the AS1 can be used:


• Confined Space Entry
• Asbestos Abatement
• Exterminating
• Fumigating
  • Pneumatic Tools
• Spray Painting
• Sand Blasting



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